Monday, December 31, 2007

Sightseeing in Malaysia and Singapore

While waiting for my wedding photos, I'll show you some photos from the places we took everyone sightseeing. You can check them all out by clicking on the photo albums link on the left. They're in the file labelled "Wedding trip with family and friends".

The first picture is of Hartleigh at the Jurong Bird Park in Singapore. She volunteered to be the perch for a vulture.

The second one is of my friend, Sara, demonstrating how her boyfriend's nephew will enjoy playing with his new Christmas present.

This Sara at the Cultural Village near Kuching in the Borneo part of Malaysia. It's like a homestay where tourists can stay in the traditional houses of the Borneo aborigines. A few people of each group also stay there to run the homestays and answer questions about how their people live. If you ask the right questions, it can be really interesting. The tattoo uses a traditional design of the Melanyu people (I think). It made Sara feel very fierce even after it washed off.

Here's Mom, Dad, Leo and I on a traditional bridge at the Cultural Village.

Friday, December 28, 2007

One Wedding photo (more to come later!)

Many of you have been asking about the wedding photos. We haven't got them back from the photographer yet, but here is a a preview from the Kuala Lumpur reception. From the left, there's Hartleigh's friend Arania, my sister Hartleigh, the bride Dara, the groom Leo and Hartleigh's husband Andrew. The picture was taken by Arania's fiance, Terence. Thanks Terence for sending us the picture!