Sunday, April 27, 2008

Semester is almost over

I have almost finished my first full academic year at NUS. My final task is marking 45 exams over the next 3 days. 15 exams a day is not terribly demanding so I'll have plenty of time to reflect on the past two semesters. It's been a very busy but rewarding year. Rewarding enough that I'll probably spend most of the time thinking about the next semester. I suppose that's the definition of a rewarding job -- always thinking ahead to the next task and enjoying those thoughts.

I will be taking a break to relax though and probably won't be thinking about work much during it. Leo and I are renting a car and going to Malaysia for 4 days to visit friends, go shopping, close bank accounts and bring more of our stuff back to Singapore. The cat gets to spend the 4 days at the Pet Farm. We'll have to bring him back a nice treat.

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