Sunday, July 12, 2009

Leo's new job

Leo just signed a short-term contract to coach at the Tanglin Tennis School. He's looking forward to coaching there because the students are all youth that show promise so he can work on a higher level of performance. He's already practicing his feeding techniques so he can get the ball to the student faster and more accurately. When he tried some of the tennis school drills on his regular students, he had them gasping after 30-45 minutes. The tennis school kids last for 2 hours. The other plus is that the work is regular -- five hours, five evenings a week and he is paid rain or shine. The extra money will come in handy with the baby coming. He'll still coach his regular clients on the weekends or mornigs. The boss is willing to offer a long-term contract if the Ministry of Manpower approves Leo's work application.

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