Sunday, May 31, 2009

New laptop

Leo and I finally got around to buying a new laptop after talking about it for ages. We were actually forced into it because the old one ran out of memory and then stopped functioning when the internet was on.

Our new computer is an Acer Aspire 4935G. We got a good deal on it and some nice bundled software from the university. Part of the bundle was Adobe Creative Suite. I have always wanted it but never bought it because of the price (almost $1000 in Singapore dollars). I also love that the keyboard on my new computer is so large. It bettered my typing enormously. The third thing I love is the speed and memory. The old computer took three minutes to boot up and was constantly giving messages that virtual memory is low.

The last thing I love is that Leo is here to go shopping with me. He is really good at keeping track of all the stats when comparison shopping. It was 10 times easier buying this computer than my previous one.


  1. You can use pirated software. My experience is, once I save the file under the new version(Office, adobe reader, Matlab, or Mapple), I won't be able to open the file useing the old version. This so call "copy right" is a tool for thoses big software companies to make money.

  2. True, copyright is a tool for software companies to make money. But then, if it is a quality product, why not pay for it? Why be a person who only takes? I once worked hard on a project. A so-called friend used my work for her own benefit without giving me anything for it. I didn't expect money but she should have given me public recognition for my effort. I ended my friendship with her since she showed herself to be manipulative.