Saturday, June 6, 2009

Third trimester

This week baby and I entered the third trimester. I was going to put a picture of myself up as I entered the third trimester. I deleted the pictures though -- they just don't look like me. Instead you get a picture of Sleepy Pudding making a nuisance of himself as I'm trying to pack for our trip to Malaysia. Leo and I are starting to get serious about preparing for her arrival. Today we attended our first pre-natal class on giving birth. I think I'm going to be thankful that Leo has been learning massage techniques in his physiotherapy work. Tomorrow we are heading to Kuala Lumpur for a baby-buying spree. When we come back on Wednesday, we hope to visit a nearby daycare center that offers emergency infant care.

We've also got a short list of names. We're not going to pick one until our girl arrives, but you can see where we are headed. Any comments?

English given names: Liana, Miri, Leona, Catrina
Chinese given names: Shumin, Shanyi

Her complete name would be in this order: Liana Siaw Shanyi
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