Sunday, June 14, 2009

Feeling Singaporean

Last weekend Leo and I went on a mini holiday to Kuala Lumpur where we spent most of the time in shopping malls buying baby stuff. I felt very Singaporean going on holiday and spending almost all my time shopping or eating. When we came back, I did another Singaporean thing -- telling all my friends about the good deals I got and describing in detail the food I ate!

Maybe this behavior is a sign because Leo and I decided to apply for permanent resident status. We both like it here and feel it is a good place to raise children. That's more than enough commitment to fill out a form and collect all the documents needed. Applying for permanent residency is not as troublesome as getting a green card in the US but we still assembled a sheaf of documents an inch thick to support the application. Unfortunately, a lot of people must want to apply for PR status now because the earliest appointment we could get to submit the documents is early September. At least by then the baby will be born so we can include her in the application too.

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